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Wilfrid Evenblij

+316 5439 4499


Venserweg 21 H

1112 AR Diemen


Welcome to BLY sound: live sound engineering, sound mixing and system tuning available globally.

Our main business is mixing FOH sound, as well as tuning large concert sound systems. However, we can also do entire sound design or sound production management.

BLY sound can help any artist management, production office or rental company. Whether you’re planning a music production, a tour, a one-off event or show, small or large scale, we can translate your ideas into a sound design. We have done this for many touring productions, corporate shows, musicals and other theatrical productions for over 30 years.

                       ---- Recent projects include:

  1. *   PA design and system tuning for

David Garret D/CH/AT tour (64x d&b GSL 48x V-series 20x SL-SUB 10x Y)

Art Garfunkel UK tour (d&b V-type)

Caro Emerald Live UK tour 2018 (L-Acoustics K2/Kara)

David Garrett Explosive tour Baltic states (L-Acoustics K2/Kara)

Club 1/3 Beijing China (Martin Audio MLA)

Caro Emerald NL/UK/IE tour 2017 (L-Acoustics K2/Kara)

Ennio Morricone arena tour & open air concerts (L-Acoustics V-DOSC/K2)

Roger Hodgson -formerly of Supertramp- tour (L-Acoustics K2)

Caro Emerald UK concert hall and arena tours (L-Acoustics K2)

Godfather Live orchestra Europe arena tour (L-Acoustics K2)

Within Temptation tour (L-Acoustics K2)

Caro Emerald Europe arena tours (Adamson Y-18)

*    FOH mixing and design for pop orchestra Guido’s Orchestra

  1. * MON/IE mixing for European tour US film composer James Newton Howard, symphony orchestra and choir

  2. * MON/IE mixing for Elvis Presley “live on screen” EUR arena tour