tuning your sound system

Tuning large concert sound systems for touring concert productions is our main business.

However, do you want to improve the sound quality of your installed sound system? Need a system tech to make your one-off event speaker system sound impressive?

Wilfrid Evenblij of BLY sound can tune and optimise your sound system in any arena, stadium, concert hall, theatre or outdoors. We have the know-how and the tools to make any venue sound great. Wilfrid works with all brands and systems, like d&b GSL/J/V, Adamson E- and Y-series, is a certified L-Acoustics engineer (V-Dosc, K1, K2, Kara and L-ISA).

During his extensive career as a sound engineer for live performances around the world, the tuning of sound systems has become daily practice for Wilfrid. Starting off by accurately positioning and aiming the loudspeaker clusters very he uses well-known tools and software for real-time sound system measurement, analysis and optimisation.